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Are you looking to sell any car at all? We are very speedy when it comes to buying cars! Call us at (619) 207-4545 and our knowledgeable and qualified experts will provide you with a no-frills quote for any car you own in any condition!

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Of All the Bad Luck!

That old car giving you trouble again? Doesn’t want to start? Sounds like it is on its last leg? Feels like it is just limping along? The stress of driving an unreliable car can really impact your day. But do you really want to pour more money into a bad car? Do you want to spend money on temporary repairs? No, you don’t.

Save Your Money

Why pour money into a car that will just have another problem in a week or two? If the repairs will cost more than the car is worth, then why repair? Save your money for a newer and more reliable car.

Worth the Risk?

Do you worry every time you slide into the driver’s seat of that old car? Do you wonder if today is the day that it will finally leave you stranded? Will you make it to work? Will you make it to school? Will you make it home? You shouldn’t have to wonder about these things every day! You have enough going on. Your car should not be causing this much stress.

What About a Trade-In?

The ads are everywhere, “We’ll buy your old car!” Almost every used car lot has an offer available. But they are all different. And who has time to drive from car lot to car lot and shop trade-in offers? That takes time, gas, most of your energy, and all of your patience. Your old, unreliable car may be worth something, but who has time to drive it all over town to find out?

Get Cash for Your Car. Put It Towards a Newer Car!

What if there was a way to avoid shopping for a trade in? What if you could turn that unreliable car into cold, hard cash and put that money towards a newer car? What if the whole process was friendly, fast, and convenient? Well, guess what—there is a way! You just need to know who to call. Believe it or not, friendly staff ARE waiting to hear from you…

Just Call Your Local Junk Car Buyer

What if there was a local business that specialized in buying unreliable cars? What if there was a junk car buyer, right here in Alpine? On the corner of “junk car removal,” and “service with a smile!” When you need to sell your damaged car—or your unreliable car—Cash for Cars in Alpine is the place you want to call. Running or not, Cash for Cars in Alpine will not only tow your car away for free, but we will buy it from you. Yes, you read that right! Cash for Cars in Alpine pays cash for junk cars right here in town. As a local service provider, Cash for Cars wants your business. We will pay cash for your car—from classic cars to junk cars, and everything in between. We will even purchase cars that do not pass the smog test! We will come to you and provide free towing.

It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Your car crisis does not need to ruin your life. Our friendly staff and certified auto buyers are trained to assist you. Cash for Cars in Alpine buys cars that are damaged, broken down, old, or junk. With offices right here in Alpine, you can rely on our trusted company. So how does it work? Just follow these steps:

1. Call Cash for Cars and tell us about your vehicle.
2. Our friendly staff will formulate an offer based on the make, model, year, mileage, and condition.
3. If you accept our offer, a certified auto buyer will meet you at your car and buy it for cash. We will handle all of the paperwork with you—and we will tow your vehicle away for free!

Is That All There Is to It?
Yes! It’s true—Cash for Cars in Alpine removes the stress of what to do with your damaged, broken down, old, or junk car:

  • • You give us a call.
  • • We formulate an offer.
  • • We meet you at your car.
  • • We give you cash.
  • • We tow away your car for free.

It’s that simple! What could be better than that? Well, just one thing…

No-Obligation Quote

The best part is that Cash for Cars in Alpine offers no-obligation quotes. That means that there is no risk to you when you contact us. We give you a price, you decide if it’s right for you.

You Can Rely On Us to Buy Your Unreliable Car

We want to help you get that newer car. If an unreliable car is causing you stress, call us. You deserve better. We want your car. We’re here to help! We will buy your unreliable car in Alpine. Just call Cash for Cars!

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