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Sometimes You Can’t Make Lemonade

You’re car is a lemon. It’s just a cold, hard fact. You know it. Your neighbor knows it. The kid who delivers your newspaper knows it. Everyone knows it. You’re stuck with a lemon that you are no longer driving, and you can’t sell. What will you do?

You Have Tried To Sell It Privately

You ran an ad. You tried to sell your car “as is,” but so far it hasn’t sold. Nobody wants a lemon. The car is too unpredictable. It just has too many problems. A few prospective buyers came to look at it, but to no avail. What happened to the good, old days when you could sell a lemon?

So There It Sits—Every Day

A lemon, right here in Lemon Grove. There it sits in your driveway. A daily reminder that at one point in your life, you were the sucker who bought the lemon. You don’t even drive it anymore—but you get to see it every morning when you leave the house, and every evening when you come home. You wish it would disappear, but day after day, there it is.

A Real Lemon Squeeze

Your friends tease you about that lemon every time they come over. A lemon in Lemon Grove—just too tempting for them to pass up. You get the ribbing and you’re still stuck with the car.

Are You Going to be “Lemon Guy” Forever?

You don’t have to take it, you know. I mean, the guys don’t mean any harm, but it might be nice to move on from “Lemon Guy,” don’t you think? You deserve better. But just exactly where is that unsellable lemon supposed to go? If you knew where to send it, it would be gone by now!

You Need A Junk Car Buyer

Yes, that is what you need! You need a junk car buyer. What if there was a service that actually wanted cars that were lemons? What if there was a junk car buyer, buying lemons, right here in Lemon Grove? A lemon dealer! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

If You’ve Got a Lemon, They will Make Lemonade!

Just call Cash for Cars in Lemon Grove. Cash for Cars is the place to call when you want to sell your damaged or unsellable car. Running or not, Cash for Cars in Lemon Grove will pay you for that old lemon, and remove it for free. Yes, that’s correct! Cash for Cars in Lemon Grove pays cash for junk cars. A local company with a good reputation, Cash for Cars is seeking your business. We will offer cold, hard cash for your vehicle, whether it’s a classic cars or junk cars, and every lemon in between. Did your car flunk the smog emissions test? Great! When can we pay you cash for it?

It’s as Easy as Can Be

A car that’s a lemon does not need to sour your life. We pride ourselves on having a friendly staff. Our certified auto buyers know how best to assist you. We would love to buy your lemon! Cash for Cars in Lemon Grove buys cars that may have been damaged, or broken down—as well as old and junk cars. Our local offices, right here in Lemon Grove, allow us to provide reliable and convenient junk car removal. So what do you do? Simply follow these steps:

1. Give us a jingle and tell us about the car.
2. We will consider the make and model, and the year, mileage, and condition—then extend an cash offer.
3. If you accept, we’ll make an appointment to meet at your car. We will walk you through the paperwork—and then tow away your car!

You Will Buy and Tow My Lemon for Free? Really?

Yes, really! It’s that easy! Cash for Cars in Lemon Grove takes the difficulty out of deciding how to dispose of your car that may be damaged, undriveable, old, or just a junk car:

  • • Just call us.
  • • We want to make an offer.
  • • We’ll come to your car.
  • • We’ll bring cash.
  • • We’ll tow for free, while you wave goodbye.

Doesn’t that sound simple? Could this offer be even better? Well, possibly…

What If There Was No Obligation?

Would you believe that Cash for Cars in Lemon Grove offers no-obligation quotes? They do! Forget the risk! Call us for a quote. If you don’t like it, don’t accept it. You will be under no obligation.

The Best Solution for a Car That’s a Lemon

We want to help you make lemonade. If an unsellable car is causing you pain, call us. You want to sell. We want to buy. We love lemons! If you have a lemon in Lemon Grove, be sure to call Cash for Cars!

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