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That Car Is Taking Up Space

That old car. You’ve been through a lot together. It has served you well for years, but not so well lately. Sometimes it starts, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s hard to know what it will do from one day to the next. But now you’ve found a new car. So what will you do with that lemon?

Sell It To a Sucker?

You would hate to talk some poor, unsuspecting chap into buying your old lemon. What if it stalls on his way home, or the very next day? Sure, it might run fine for a while, but for how long? You’re not that person. You would have his hard-earned cash, and he would have your unreliable car. No, you would never do that. But wouldn’t it be nice to get something for your old car? That car is not worthless, just not worth selling to someone who needs a reliable car.

Should You Trade It In?

You do not need a trade in. You have a new car. You are already driving it. You are all set in that department. You bought your brother-in-law’s car. It’s a pretty good ride. You are all set—except for one thing. That old, unreliable car is still parked in your garage…

You Just Need It Out

You don’t need that old lemon anymore. What’s more, you need your garage space back. That old car needs to be hauled away, but at what cost? Towing is so expensive. And where will it go? It has to go somewhere. That could cost money, too. You need a solution that is quick, efficient, and won’t break the bank.

You Need A Junk Car Buyer!

What if a local service existed that actually wanted that old lemon? What if someone was just waiting for your call, and eager to hear all about your old car? If only there was a junk car buyer, right here in San Marcos. There is! Junk car removal is what you need, but what on earth would that cost?

What If It Didn’t Cost a Thing?

A simple phone call will have you well on your way to a solution. Just call Cash for Cars. Cash for Cars is right here in San Marcos, and they are waiting for your call. When you want to sell your old or damaged car, Cash for Cars in San Marcos are the folks that can help.

Running? Not Running? It Does Not Matter!

Running or not—reliable or unreliable—Cash for Cars in San Marcos will not only pay you for your junk car, but we will tow it away. Cash for Cars pays cash for junk cars, right here in San Marcos. As a San Marcos service provider, Cash for Cars values every customer. We will pay dollars for your car—we buy classic cars and junk cars, and down on your luck cars. Smog test fail? That’s not a problem at all! We will buy it! We will bring cash and a tow truck!

Just Give Us a Call

Quick, convenient car disposal should also be hassle-free. Our friendly employees and certified auto buyers are ready for your call. Cash for Cars in San Marcos wants the cars that nobody else wants. With a service center right here in San Marcos, you can rely on us. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Contact Cash for Cars and share some facts about your vehicle.
2. Based on the make, model, and a few other basics, we will make you an offer.
3. If you accept, we’ll assign a certified auto buyer to meet with you and buy pay you for your car. We will take complete the paperwork with you—and haul your car away—free!

Sounds Like It’s Super Easy

Yes! It’s really that easy! We will pay you cash for your old car.

Let’s walk through this again—Cash for Cars in San Marcos makes it easy to dispose of a broken down, old, junk car:

  • • You call us.
  • • We formulate an offer.
  • • We come out to see your car.
  • • We hand you cash.
  • • We take away your car.

It is that simple! Could anything be better than that? Hmmm, let’s see…

How About a No-Obligation Quote

It’s risk free! Cash for Cars in San Marcos offers quotes at no obligation. If you’re worried about risk, stop worrying! They really do make an offer that is risk free.

The Best Solution for an Old Lemon

We want to help you. If an old car is blocking your way on the road of life, call us. You have a new car. We want your old car. We’re here waiting! If you have a junk car in San Marcos, your only call should be to Cash for Cars!

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