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Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a little car who loved his human very, very much. The little car always did his best to be ready when his human wanted to go. He warmed up his engine, and adjusted his seats and mirrors. He waved his wipers, and tooted his horn. He drove his human all over Fallbrook. The little car and his human were a great team.

Partners on the Road of Life

As the years went by, the little car drove his human everywhere. They went to work, and to the park. The little car took his human on vacations to far away places. They drove and drove, loving every minute they spent out on the open road. The little car loved stopping at red lights, and going at green lights. The little car and his human were very happy.

A Little Sputter

One day the little car’s engine made a funny noise. It wasn’t much of a noise, just kind of a sputter. The human took the little car to a mechanic who fixed him up, good as new.

Next, a Clunk

On another trip, the human noticed a clunking sound. The human took the little car to another mechanic, who fixed the little car up once again.

More Clinks and Clunks

The clinks and the clunks just kept happening to the little car. His human had mechanics fix each problem, but another issue always seemed to pop up. A few times, the little car and his human even got stranded. Soon, the little car could not drive his human anymore.

Alone on the Driveway

The human parked the little car on his driveway and got a new car. The little car was happy that his human could once again go anywhere he wanted to. But the driveway was a lonely place. The little car wished he had other cars to beep at and wave his wipers with. His human felt bad, too, so he looked for a solution.

A Junk Car Buyer

The human learned of a junk car buyer—right in Fallbrook—that loved putting little junk cars out to pasture together. All of the little junk cars spent their days beeping their horns and waving their wipers at each other. They had such fun!

Off to the Junk Car Farm

The human called Cash for Cars in Fallbrook, and learned that they would buy his little junk car. Running or not, Cash for Cars in Fallbrook was eager to buy damaged cars and tow them away for free. It was the perfect solution! Cash for Cars of Fallbrook would pay cash for junk cars. Local and convenient, Cash for Cars wanted the human’s business. They had all kinds of cars on their junk car farm: classic cars, junk cars, any type of car would do. They even had cars that did not pass the smog test! They would come and get the little junk car, and provide free towing.

Like a Fairy Tale

Soon, the little junk car would be with other cars again! The kind staff and certified auto buyers made all of the arrangements. Cash for Cars wanted nothing more than to buy damaged, junk, old, or broken down cars—just like the little junk car! As he was towed away by Cash for Cars, the little junk car beeped and waved his wipers at his human.

As Easy as Pie!

Do you have a little junk car in need of junk car removal? Just follow these steps, and Cash for Cars will help you—today:

1. Contact Cash for Cars and describe your vehicle.
2. We will conider the make and model of your car, as well as the mileage, year, and condition—and come up with an offer.
3. Upon your acceptance, a certified auto buyer will schedule a time to meet you and buy your car. We will bring all of the paperwork—and tow your vehicle at no charge to you!

Is It Truly That Easy?

Absolutely! Cash for Cars in Fallbrook will take care of everything:

  • • You contact us.
  • • We make you an offer.
  • • We meet at your car.
  • • We pay you.
  • • We remove your car—for free.

It’s so simple! But can we make it better? Well, how about this…


Believe it or not, Cash for Cars in Fallbrook will offer a no-obligation quote. You are at no risk or under any obligation when you call us. You are in complete control.

The Best Solution for You and Your Car

We wish to help you sell your damaged car. Let us help you get rid of it once and for all! If you have an old, dead, or junk car in Fallbrook, your first call should be to Cash for Cars!

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