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Are you looking to sell any car at all? We are very speedy when it comes to buying cars! Call us at (619) 207-4545 and our knowledgeable and qualified experts will provide you with a no-frills quote for any car you own in any condition!

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The Furthest Thing From Your Mind

When we least expect it, things happen. It’s great when something unexpectedly goes right, but it’s rough when something unexpectedly goes wrong. A stalled car is just one of those things that can go wrong unexpectedly. When your car stalls, you need to act fast.

Never Close to Home

Your car will never stall near your home. Nope, you’ll find yourself with a stalled car when you are miles from home, and in a rush. If you’re lucky, it will happen in a parking lot. If you aren’t lucky, you might be on the side of a busy road. Wherever you are, one thing is certain: you will need to move or dispose of that unreliable, junk car.

Phone a Friend

First things first—you will have to get out of there. Maybe a friend will pick you up, or a car service. Maybe you are lucky enough to have an alternate car to drive. But what about your stalled junker? It can’t just stay where it stopped running forever—maybe not even for a day. And it’s not worth your time or money to pay for towing. So what are you supposed to do?

It’s Time to Junk That Car

If your car has stalled in a public place, or on private property, you could face a fine if it’s not moved quickly. There are no two ways about it. You have got to move that car. But how? It may not be worth towing to a garage and paying for repairs. It may have finally downgraded itself to official “junk car” status. A junk car should only be sent to one place: the junk yard—but how will it get there? You don’t want to pay to have it moved!

You Need A Junk Car Buyer

Don’t you wish there was a service that actually wanted your old dead car? Its got to go and you’ve got to find a solution as fast as possible. But what solution? Who is going to want your old, dead car? A junk car buyer? What if you could find a junk car buyer in Coronado? Is junk car removal a thing? Well, guess what: IT IS!

We’ll Buy Your Car—Running or Not!

Cash for Cars in Coronado is the company to call when you need to sell your damaged or junk car. Running or not, Cash for Cars in Coronado will buy your car from you and tow it away for free. Yep, that’s right! Cash for Cars in Coronado pays cash for junk cars locally, in Coronado. Locally owned, Cash for Cars values your business. We want you to be able to sell your damaged car, or any car—from classic cars to junkers, whatever the condition. Did your car fail the smog test? No problem! We’ll be right over to purchase and tow that car away.

What Could be Easier?

Your stalled car does not need to destroy your life. Our certified auto buyers and friendly staff are standing by. We’ve dealt with every type of car situation. Believe us, we’ve seen it all—and we know how to help you. Cash for Cars in Coronado purchases cars that are old, broken down, damaged, or junk. With offices located in Coronado, you can rely on us to be fast and fair. Just follow these easy steps:

1. Call Cash for Cars and describe your car.
2. Our knowledgable staff will extend an offer based on the year, make, mileage, condition, and model.
3. Upon acceptance, a certified auto buyer come out to meet you and buy your car for cash. We will work with you to complete all of the paperwork—then, we will tow your car away for free!

Are You Pulling My Leg? Is It Really That Easy?

Yes! It’s that easy! Once more with feeling: Cash for Cars in Coronado takes the stress out of deciding what to do with your broken down, old, damaged or junk car:

  • • You call us.
  • • We make an offer.
  • • We come to your car.
  • • We pay you cash.
  • • We tow your car away at no extra charge.

Could anything be better? Well, maybe this…

No-Obligation Quote

Believe it or not, Cash for Cars in Coronado offers a quote with no obligation. We don’t want you to feel at risk. We give make an offer, you decide if you will accept it.

Are You Dealing With a Stall? Just Give Us a Call!

We want to help you get on with your life. If a dead car is holding you back, call us. You want to move on. We want your car. We’re standing by to help! If you have a dead car in Coronado, your first call should be to Cash for Cars!

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