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Car Trouble When You Least Expect It

It’s happened to the best of us, and usually on our busiest day. Everything is fine and then, out of the blue, your car dies. And does it have the courtesy to drive off to that big parking lot in the sky when it’s conveniently parked at your home? No, almost never. You can be sure that your car will die when you are across town and in a rush.

Stranded In An Inconvenient Place

Maybe you just loaded five bags of groceries into the trunk. Maybe you just clicked your tired toddler into his car seat. Whatever the situation, a dead car in an inconvenient place can mean unwanted time and expense for the owner.

Who Can You Call For Help?

You might be able to call a friend to pick you up. If so, it’s possible that your ice cream will make it home before it melts. Or perhaps you can afford to have a car service take you home, or to wherever you were going. But what about your dead car? Can it stay where it sits? Will you get a ticket? You need a solution, and you need one fast.

Can You Try for a Trade-In?

We see the ads every single day, “We’ll purchase your old car!” Promises of car trade-ins are everywhere. So many used car lots have an offer. Some offer to buy any car. It seems like a great deal. It would be nice to roll into a car lot in your old car, and roll out in a newer car. It’s a beautiful dream. The concept is perfect. Maybe your old car is worth something, but there’s one problem…

You Can’t Drive a Dead Car

Your car is dead. It is not going to move an inch. Not one inch. You can’t drive a dead car to a bunch of car lots, hoping for an offer. If you can’t drive it, you can’t trade it in. That’s just the way it is.

The Car Has Got to Go

If your car has chosen to die in a public lot, or on private property that is not yours, you may soon be fined or worse. There’s nothing more to say about it. You have to get that car moved. But how can you make the arrangements without high costs?

What You Need Is A Junk Car Buyer

What if there was a local service that wanted your dead, old car. What if there was a junk car buyer, located here in Poway? Who does junk car removal? We do! That’s who!

Running or Not, Here They Come!

Cash for Cars in Poway is the call you want to make when you need to sell your damaged car. Running or not, Cash for Cars in Poway will not only handle removal your car at no charge, but first, we will purchase it from you. Yes, it’s true! Cash for Cars in Poway gives cash for junk cars. They’re here in Poway. As part of the local community, Cash for Cars welcomes your business. We buy all kinds of cars—classic cars, junk cars, every make and model. If your car failed the smog test, give us a jingle! We’ll be right over with cash, a smile, and free towing.

It’s Really a No-Brainer!

Your car fiasco needn’t get the best of you. Our professional staff is ready and waiting to assist you. Our auto buyers are certified. Cash for Cars in Poway purchases damaged, old, junk, or broken down cars. Our offices are right here in Poway. Cash for Cars is a reliable and trusted company. So what’s the catch? No catch:

1. Just call us.
2. We will ask you some questions about your vehicle and give you an offer.
3. If it’s a deal, then a certified auto buyer to purchased your vehicle and tow it away—for free!

Is That All It Takes?
Let’s go over this again—Cash for Cars in Poway simplifies the dilemma of getting rid of your car that is damaged, or broken down, or older than the hills, or just plain junk:

  • • Call us!
  • • Get an offer!
  • • We’ll come to you!
  • • We’ll pay you!
  • • Free towing!

What a great deal! Could we sweeten the deal? Well, sure…

No-Catch Quotes

You won’t believe this: Cash for Cars in Poway will give you a quote with no-obligation? We take away the risk, so you can make the best decision.

The Best Choice for a Dead, Junk Car

We want to help you get on with your life. If a dead car blocking your way, call us. You need to move forward. Let us assist you! If you have a dead car in Poway, make that call to Cash for Cars!

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